Four design ideas to help make the most of your garden

Sometimes simple changes can make all the difference to the way you use and enjoy your garden. Whether it’s getting your lawn into shape, choosing plants or providing seating areas here a few ideas that can help to transform your outdoor space.

  1. Get your lawn into shape. If you look out of an upstairs window, it’s more than likely that the biggest element in your garden is the lawn. But, is it a pleasing shape or is it just the void that was left after you decided where to put your borders? Don’t leave the lawn as an afterthought – get the shape right, maintain it well, keep the edges neat and it can really make a valuable centre-piece to your garden.
  1. Plan your borders. We all do it – head to the garden centre for a mooch and, lured by the ‘candy store’ displays, come back with a trolley full of new plants with no idea where to put them. Don’t do it! Plan your border, first thinking about your soil, conditions and aspect and then choosing the style you want to create – natural, herbaceous, cottage etc. Then start with structure and add in colour, seasonality, rhythm, and texture. Your next visit to the garden centre will be much more rewarding!
  1. Make room for seating. Provide enough places to sit and enjoy your garden. In addition to the main patio, include benches tucked in sunny corners, a morning coffee or sun-downer spot, or even a couple of steps to perch on. Think about how the sun moves through your space, is there a view, what are the focal points and position seating so people can appreciate them. Then consider screening, shelter, fragrance, lighting and sound to create places that encourage you to pause and take it all in.
  1. Right size your spaces. One of the things I encounter in many gardens is skimping on some of the most-used areas. The paths are often too narrow, too many people are crammed onto little patios and the greeting space at the front door is too mean to feel welcoming.  Good design means thinking about the needs of your lifestyle and then creating spaces that allow you to live that way.  If you are going to have 20 people round for a BBQ regularly you really are going to need one BIG patio – don’t skimp!

If you would like to turn your garden into a space that really works for you please drop me an email

Happy gardening!